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Are you planning to expand your business or replace financial assets, and want to:

  • Conserve your capital for your core business;
  • Turn CAPEX into OPEX;
  • Have the newest technology;
  • Avoid all the risks of ownership of assets; and
  • Are you looking for specialized financing?

If your answer to any of the statements above is ‘Yes’, the financing and leasing solutions of FINACORE can provide a beneficial method for you to acquire/use assets without the disadvantages of ownership.

Learn more about FINACORE Operating Leasing Solutions.

Why lease? Learn more about the advantages of leasing over buying here.

Resellers/Suppliers/Vendors of IT equipment can also benefit from partnering with FINACORE. Learn more about FINACORE’s Vendor Finance program here.

Finacore IT Leasing Solutions Benefits

FINACORE specializes in Leasing and Finance of Information Technology equipment and complete IT projects, specifically Operating Leases solutions. FINACORE‘s finance solutions can include (combinations of) leasing of hardware, software and systems integration costs and all other costs associated with IT projects. We also offer Finance/Capital leases and Sale-and-Lease Back constructions. Lease conditions and terms can vary depending on assets and specific demands from end-users.

FINACORE‘s leasing solutions can benefit you in many ways:

  • Lower your IT cost. Operating lease reduce costs versus comparable Finance leases.
  • Provide 100% financing, no CAPEX. Our leasing solutions do not require cash lay-out, helping you to conserve your capital for your core business generating more profit for your firm.
  • Avoid indirect ownership costs. Owning equipment means risk. Risk of obsolescence, residual value risk, and disposal risk. These indirect costs disappear when you lease from Finacore.
  • No disposal issues. Compliance with environmental and disposal regulation can be extremely challenging. Leasing with FINACORE removes this burden, as the assets are simply returned to Finacore at the end of the lease term.
  • Eliminate technical obsolescence. Upgrade, swap or replace the leased assets during or after the lease term. You can always avail of the latest equipment to support your business.
  • Give you the choice. Choose what brand, model and type of IT asset you want to lease from us.
  • Provide flexibility. Our lease proposals in terms of duration, assets and services under the contract and payment can be tailored to clients’ exact needs.
  • Reduce debt and improve cash flows. Leases can be off balance sheet, presented only as an operating expense and simplifying accounting and improving financial ratios.


Leasing through FINACORE can be done for any IT brand, type of product and term. If you have a preferred IT reseller in the Philippines, please approach them and ask for leasing services via FINACORE.

No reseller for your IT requirement yet? Let FINACORE help you find the reseller who can help you with all your needs. Contact Us.

Read case studies of companies who leased their IT assets through Finacore.

Finacore Vendor Finance Program Benefits

The Finance solutions of FINACORE provide an excellent value added service for resellers and vendors of IT equipment in the Philippines. Through the Finacore Vendor Finance program, vendors can tap into new customer markets with companies which previously may not have been able to get sufficient financing for their IT needs. Resellers can benefit from Finacore:

  • Financing of a complete package of Hardware, Software, Maintenance, Warranty, Training, Installation and other costs; making you
  • A One-Stop-Shop for your customers;
  • Differentiating you from your competitor; and
  • Accelerating your sales; while
  • Decreasing you collection and credit risk.

Other advantages of FINACORE for resellers include:

  • Rapid response to create lease proposals to speed up your sales process;
  • Customized and flexible proposals for every client;


Partnering with FINACORE can help resellers and vendors offer a complete product to your customers, enhancing your sales and boosting your profitability.

Are you an IT solution provider, reseller or vendor and have not heard of FINACORE leasing solutions for your customers yet? Please contact us to learn more about our IT leasing solutions.

Interested in leasing with us? Check our Leasing Requirements.

Case Studies


Software Leasing – International BPO

In 2006, FINACORE Technology Finance leased Microsoft licences to a large International BPO at a cost of almost half a...
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IT Project Leasing – Makati based Food/Restaurant Chain

FINACORE devised a software leasing package for this Makati based Food/Restaurant chain for Oracle software including full Oracle implementation support...
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Operating Lease – Philippine based Hotel Chain

In 2012 FINACORE engaged into an operating lease contract with the

Finance Lease – Philippine based Personal Care Company

Over the course of 2 years, FINACORE financed multiple IT hardware projects for this clients’ office buildings and facilities in Metro...
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