Finacore Managed Infrastructure

Finance and Strategic Outsourcing: a combined service from Finacore and DataOne Asia

More and more businesses have one thing in common when it comes to IT, whether BPO, Bank or having another commercial focus, these enterprises do not intend to own and manage their own IT infrastructure. To achieve this objective, they can now turn to Finacore and DataOne Asia, which belong to the same group of companies. DataOne is the leading provider of managed infrastructure services in the Philippines, with services ranging from Datacenter, Connectivity, Voice / Call Center solutions, and Cloud Computing.

In this Managed Infrastructure offering, Finacore offers to lease the entire IT infrastructure, which includes office facilities, fit-outs, network and connectivity, data centre, terminals and computers.  These assets represent traditionally a big chunk of a company’s investments. DataOne on the other hand provides managed services for all the assets under lease: Monitoring, maintenance, 24×7 tech support supported by a ticketing system, and a large pool of certified engineers, for Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, Security, Back up, VOIP, among others. DataOne operates under strict Service Level Agreements that define precisely the scope of services rendered, and customers’ expectations. For more information, please visit the DataOne website.


Case Studies

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