Finacore Asset & Project Finance

FINACORE is a financing specialist offering long term structured financing for specialized equipment. Finacore can offer solutions for equipment ranging from cars, to manufacturing machines to ATM’s. In the past Finacore has

FINACORE currently delivers financing for:

  • ATM’s. Operating leases for new and refurbished ATM’s from Diebold or NCR. Projects can include complete ATM roll-out, leasing ATM’s, to software and support outsourcing via DataOne Asia, installation, maintenance and operations through accredited third parties.
  • Solar Panels. Financing of complete Solar Systems for the commercial rooftop market in the Philippines. Lease terms up to 8 years are possible to achieve the best monthly lease costs. Close cooperation with EU Solar Panel Manufacturers.
  • Leasehold improvements. Finance leases for complete office interiors including furniture, fixtures and all IT equipment.

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Next to this, FINACORE does financial consultancy for projects that require non-traditional types of long term financing. Several types of consultancy projects that Finacore has undertaken over the past years are:

  • Corporate finance
  • Compliance with international banking regulations
  • Fixed income projects
  • Receivables discounting
  • Debt and Equity raising
  • Take-over and Joint Venture consultancy


Do you have specialized projects? Do you require financial advice from a company specialized in devising non-traditional financing, please contact us here.

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