Why Finacore

FINACORE specializes in the financing of assets and projects in industries where technological change happens quickly. Finacore helps companies lease technology, instead of acquiring it. Very often, the technology lifecycle is shorter than the anticipated economic life, because of continuing innovation, and it is safer and cheaper to lease than to own. Finacore helps businesses be more agile, up to date with the right equipment and resources, able to scale quickly while keeping the total cost of ownership low.


FINACORE’s solutions benefit businesses by removing risks associated with ownership risk, such as, technology risk and environmental compliance, which leads to lower IT costs. Finacore preferred mode of engagement is through vendor programs: Finacore will enter into a long term alliance with global vendors, who want to include a leasing alternative into their sales offering. Finacore generally provides a customized package that can be white labelled by the vendor itself.

FINACORE primary focus is on computer (desktop/laptop), servers, storage, telecom Equipment. Finacore also provides leasing solutions for ATM’s to banks wishing to upgrade and meet international standards. Finacore is also ready to finance medium scale renewable energy projects, especially solar, for the commercial sector.

Being locally based, FINACORE’s technical expertise is adapted to the ASEAN business environment. Finacore‘s specialties include long term financial consultancy, corporate finance, project and asset-based finance, credit administration and compliance with local and international banking regulations.

FINACORE actively promotes its Vendor Finance Program, to assist resellers/suppliers to broaden their sales channels, and benefit from Finacore‘s technical and financial knowledge as well as the flexibility of the contract and documentation process. Together with our partners and a proven track record among top local and multinational clients, Finacore can be your future trusted partner for your asset or project finance solutions.

Our Services

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Leasing Equipment

Vendor Financing

Project Consultancy

Asset Financing

Managed Infrastructure Outsourcing

Integrating different financing and technology aspects into one solution. Finacore benefits include lower costs, minimize technology risks, reduce debt, improved cash flow and no disposal issues.

Working together with our reseller and vendor partners, we offer the best possible solution for the end customer.

Providing specialized consultancy for projects that require non-traditional types of long term financing.

Structuring financing solutions for specialized equipment and assets to meet the clients’ specific needs.

In cooperation with sister company DataOne Asia Philippines and other providers, Finacore enables companies to outsource (part of) their IT by leasing on- or off-premise IT hardware and software.

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