Our Expertise

We have expert knowledge of technology lifecycle through years of intensive collaboration with major technology vendors:

Since 1998, Finacore has provided leasing solutions to manage obsolescence and reduce its risk for its clients.  Finacore has seen the emergence and passing several generations of technologies, UNIX, AIX, Mainframes, the advent of X86, virtualization, and now Cloud. Finacore has drawn some important lessons from this vast experience: Leasing provides the agility to scale or embrace a more efficient technology, which in turn improves business performance.

We understand the risks associated to the technology lifecycle, and the need to improve cash flows:

Information Technology gets obsolete faster than its usability, even if the technology can still be used, it can be more economical at some point to replace it, and to write off the asset. That’s why leasing is a powerful solution: it offers you the possibility to use the asset for as long as you need it, without fully paying for it through a direct acquisition, and eliminates the need for expensive write offs. Finally, IT should be treated as an operating expense, this enables overall performance. It is better for a business to invest its capital in its core business where its returns are the highest, and treat IT is an Opex through leasing to align its cost with other operating expenses.

We believe that a financing solution can be customized to fit every client’s requirement:

Finacore does not believe in one size fits all. All our solutions can be customized. Whether you run a BPO in need of hundreds of PCs, or a Bank planning to roll out hundreds of ATMs, we have a leasing solution available for you. The structure of the lease will be adjusted depending on your outlook: whether you are certain to replace the asset at some point, or whether you consider this just as a probability. Finacore will vary the duration of the lease, the payment terms, and the end of lease options according to your needs.

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